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Recently LICAT CEO Ian Irvine discussed the features, benefits and characteristics of Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Listed Investment Trusts (LITs) with clients of stockbroker nabtrade.


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Getting to grips with Listed Investment Companies and Trusts (LICs and LITs)

In the latest edition of The Idea Exchange podcast, Martin Dinh is joined by Ian Irvine – CEO of LICAT (Listed Investment Companies & Trusts Association) – as they cover an overview of LICs and LITs, debunk some myths and share insights about how to go about investing in LICs and LITs.

Facts, fiction and future of Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Trusts (LITs)
LICs have been a part of the investment fabric of Australia for 98 years. Seen as ‘traditional’ by some, but for those in the know, the traditional benefits of long-term investment thinking, a focus on income and the liquidity of an ASX-listing that these vehicles provide is seen as key to their investment portfolios. In recent years, the newer-style Listed Investment Trusts (LITs), have demonstrated how these benefits can be applied to the flow-through income structure of a LIT, delivering a regular and consistent income to investors.
Speakers include:

Jesse Hamilton, CFO of Wilson Asset Management, who discusses how income and franking benefits can be generated from across a range of asset classes under an LIC structure.

Kathleen Yeung, Global Head of Strategy at Qualitas Group, the Manager of the Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund, who outlines how this new breed of investment vehicle delivers regular
income in the hand of investors and

Angus Gluskie, Managing Director of Whitefield Limited, Australia’s longest running LIC, who talks to how the features and benefits of LICs have contributed to their 98-year longevity and what the future looks like for LICs and LITs. 

The panel is  coordinated by Mike Taylor of Financial Newswire.